Update from the Senior Coach

G’day Park Orchards Community, it’s Dennis Armfield here. 

I thought it was my turn to give the Monday morning news and to share some insights from the coach’s perspective.

I hope this finds you all well in the middle of what has been a crazy time in our lives for many.

From my perspective, I can honestly say that I am so proud to be a part of Park Orchards Football Netball Club. The response, the support, the leadership and the genuine care for the people in our community has been nothing short of amazing to watch and be a part of. I certainly can attest to the coaches and leadership group really showing their true colours in adversity. I’m really proud of our club.

So, we have now been told; football is back……well we are training at least. By the time you’ve read this communication, we would have finished our first session – both men and women. It’s an exciting time to finally get the opportunity again to see our team mates, to get out in the rain tonight and kick around the Sherrin. Our football season will look different no matter what announcements are made in the coming days, but there is one thing for sure – no matter what decision is made, the true Sharks spirit is to make the most of the opportunity we are faced with.

The coaching group has been working hard to coordinate the players for our ‘back to training’ protocol for the 2020 season post COVID-19. The protocols are a little tricky to educate our whole club on, but we think we have finally made it through this maze. We coordinated approximately 105 players and coaches on a zoom call last week to help us all understand the landscape we are dealing with – all the do’s and don’ts. Will Debney (our COVID Club Safety Officer) along with Ray and the committee have been super in communicating, administering and now helping the coaches and players move to the next stage of back to training – thanks for all the work Will & Co.

There is so much to look forward to this year as well as so much to be grateful for, in what has been such a disrupted year for our football club. It was amazing to read the news last week the committee released on the Domeney Project and the facility we can look forward to next season. We have had so many stories told about how the Care Cards have been a lifesaver for many individuals around the club who have found themselves being so isolated. It’s a credit to the care of our people that we have tried our best to not leave anyone behind. Our Thursday Night Dinners have been a huge success and so much fun.  And the growth opportunity for us all out the backend of this life changing world pandemic – will change us forever.

For the Sharks – we will bounce back stronger and healthier than ever, because we stuck at it and supported each other the whole way. Being grateful is a perspective we all need to carry over the next few weeks as we start to return to the ‘new normal’. Let’s look for the good in things, and always take the opportunity to thank those around us who are working to keep our club a leader in our community. I’ve learnt so much this year in what it truly means to be a Mighty Shark, because I think adversity really tests us and shows our true self.

I wanted to finish with something I read the other day which had an impact on me and everything we are facing.

“Watch your thoughts; they lead to attitudes.
Watch your attitudes; they lead to words.
Watch your words; they lead to actions.
Watch your actions; they lead to habits.
Watch your habits; they form your character.
Watch your character; it determines your destiny.”

I’m excited for the future of the Mighty Sharks, the great things that lie ahead of us all. Come and jump on the season with us no matter what it looks like. Support the club in any way you possibly can. Buy a membership as a minimum – we need to support our club.

Our destiny is bright and I can’t wait to see you again up on the hill at Domeney.

Dennis Armfield
Senior Coach POFNC