February Newsletter


Pre Xmas Highlights:

 It’s been an exhilarating start to the 2024 season for the Park Orchards Football Netball Club, and we’re excited to bring you the latest updates.

Pre-Season Kickoff:

The pre-Christmas period has set the stage for an exceptionally promising year. Despite the holiday hustle and bustle, our attendance numbers have remained solid, reflecting the commitment and enthusiasm of our players and supporters.

Club Season Launch:

With the start of the season approaching the club will be holding our 2024 season launch at The Suburban in Ringwood on the 23rd of March. All are welcome, players,supporters, members, sponsors, please make time to attend. It will be a great evening. Kick off  is at 7pm.

Training Focus:

Our early-season focus has been on purposeful training, with a keen emphasis on developing key aspects of our game. We’ve introduced structured learning stages, emphasizing small but crucial steps in areas such as ball movement, field positioning, and position-specific requirements. These concepts have been effectively implemented through targeted drills, ensuring our players grasp the nuances of the gameplan.

Full Speed Performance Testing:

To elevate our players’ performance, many have undergone pre-season player testing at Full Speed Performance, a professional setup designed to hone strengths and address weaknesses. This commitment to individual player development sets the stage for a competitive and well-prepared squad.

Men’s Football:

With two scheduled practice matches on March 9th and 16th, our men’s team is gearing up for an intense preseason. The high turnout at training and the potential addition of two Men’s under-19 teams demonstrate the growing strength of our men’s football program.

The official season opener is at home against Mooroolbark on April 6th is eagerly awaited

Women’s Football:

Women’s football preseason kicks off on February 12th, providing an exciting platform for the team to gear up for the challenges ahead. Senior women’s practice matches are still to be confirmed, but anticipation is building as training sessions draw more enthusiastic participants. 


This week’s club practice matches for netball showcased a strong and robust turnout, setting a positive tone for the upcoming season. With the season launching on April 12 for Divisions 7-12 and April 19 for divisions 1-6.

Cultural Development:

Shane Morwood continues to contribute significantly to our club’s growth. In the coming weeks, he will host two Culture and Leadership events, providing players with invaluable insights. Additionally, Shane’s Club Standards and Behavior day is on the horizon, reinforcing the importance of maintaining high standards both on and off the field.

In summary, the Park Orchards Football Netball Club is laying a solid foundation for a successful 2024 season. The commitment of our players, the strategic focus on training, and the guidance from experienced leaders like Shane, Paris, Simon, Jarrod and Rob position us for a thrilling and rewarding year. 


The Park Orchards Football Club committee is proud to report on a thriving and committed team dedicated to steering the club towards a successful and inclusive 2024 season. Our committee members bring a wealth of experience and passion to their roles, fostering a strong sense of commitment to the club’s core values. Emphasis is placed on building and maintaining robust club relations, ensuring that every member feels valued and included. This commitment extends beyond the playing field to the wider community, reflecting our dedication to being a positive force in Park Orchards locality.

The committee places a high premium on good governance, respecting the traditions and standards that make our club unique. Upholding principles of respect and inclusivity, the committee strives to create an environment where players, coaches, and supporters feel a deep sense of belonging. 

Looking ahead, our committee is excited to unveil a dynamic social calendar for 2024, designed to strengthen community bonds. This initiative aligns with our overarching goal of not only creating a formidable sporting entity but also serving as a hub for social engagement within the local community. By fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared experiences, we aim to enhance the Park Orchards Football Club’s standing as a beacon of community spirit and pride.

Stay tuned for more updates as we progress through to the start of the season!

Go Sharks!!