POFNC Club Update – July 7th


What a season so far it has been for our Mighty Sharks.  With backs against the wall, fresh off a horrible year COVID affected and a challenging year without a home – we couldn’t be more happy with how our on-field performances have been.  def: RESILIENCE – the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness.  

This sure does describe our club right now both on-field and off-field.  We should be Mighty Proud of our whole club as we have weaved our way through weekly challenges.


What is a Mighty Shark?  For us, its those who chip in, its those who do the little things without being noticed, it’s also those who check in on those we haven’t seen around the club over the last few months.  Mighty Sharks are ALL-IN as best they can be.  Mighty Sharks buy memberships, support our club in any way possible, and contribute to our mission – to be the very best club we can be.  Mighty Sharks – have been our Coaches this year who have had a lot of heavy lifting to do without our Domeney Home and the care of our massive playing list.  They are our Volunteers, our Committee, our Sponsors & Partners, our Parents.  We’ve just passed halfway and we are truly having a red hot go at fulfilling our Mission.

Seniors: If you weren’t there Saturday, you missed a ripper game – top v second on ladder standoff.   With approx 1 minute before the siren, 4 points down, Mason Blakey kicked a goal to put us 2 points up and we held on.  It was a heart in mouth type of game, with both team very defensively strong and the lead changing multiple times throughout the day.  Our coach is in red hot form, our forward line is as dangerous as ever with so many options to goal, our back 6-8 are rock solid and so hard to get through.  Our midfield has never in the history of our club been so dangerous and the synergy there is wonderful to watch.  We are all so proud of our guys and cant wait to see what unfolds as the season comes to the pointy end.

Reserves: Our Ressies bat ridiculously deep.  The talent in this team would beat many of the senior lists we play against, especially the way Molly has them playing together.  They say you ae only as strong as your reserves team – well, that says it all.  Undefeated on top of the reserves ladder, the guys are humble and getting the job done week in week out.  Keep up the great work guys.

u19:  One of the pleasing things for our u19’s this season is that they have plenty of competition and have many times had their backs to the wall.  Super Coach Weeksy continues to work hard to help our young men develop and learn to be not only great footballers but great men.  As the season progresses, it’s always a pleasure to watch how Weeksy’s helps his team progress.  There is lots of work to do for our guys to push for finals action but we know the history of this group who can seriously play footy.  We wish the guys best of luck for the rest of the season and hope they come home strong.  Domeney Reserve, this Saturday at 9:30am – see you there.

Women: Simon and Dave both have our girls improving every week.  This was evident last week as they took on Rowville and played great team football to take away a convincing win 49 – 15.  We’ve been particularly happy with the way the girls have had to rebuild together our Women’s program this year after a tough two years, and are forging ahead a program that will attract great women to our club.  We are 1 game out of the top 4 and like what we see with the way these girls are developing each week.  The next part of the season will be up to this group as to whether they play finals or not.  We look forward to cheering them on – 11:30am Domeney Reserve this Saturday.  Come and have a watch if you haven’t had the chance yet.

Volunteers Shout Out

This group of people at our club are absolutely our life blood.  Without them, we cease to exist.  Led ably by our committee, the amount of volunteers, parents and this season in particular – players have been nothing short of outstanding.  Our setup down at Stintons has been huge – but made so much more manageable with the help of so many fathers and mothers that do anything and everything to get this up.  Special mention here as always to Ray Buhagiar and Gavin Turner who lead this part of our club so well.  I’d also like to mention Will Debney and Vicki Knight who are our master activators – getting everyone on rosters and helping things get done.  Finally a shout out to Rob Ameer who has pulled together an awesome bunch that hit the ground running first thing Saturday morning in the freezing cold – I think the egg and bacon rolls help tremendously, but thanks Rob for what you have done this year to help improve our helpers and support game day.

Domeney Reserve Build Update

The project is almost done and we can’t wait to get into our new home.  It’s time to shift our frustration and wait to – expectation and excitement because after a walk through last week with all the club presidents, we walked away so grateful for what we are about to walk into.  We’ve always wanted to be defined as a club by our people and not the building or facilities we have or don’t have, but we couldn’t be more excited for our Sharks Family to move into these new facilities that will support the mission and vision we have to provide a great home for our community to be a part of.

Our team led by Colin Caulfield are weekly pushing for the best results when it comes to dates and ‘official move in’ to align with the earliest home game possible so we are pushing very hard for the 31st July but it may be the next home game after that we get to enjoy all of this.  Here is a sneak peek of our change rooms which have doubled in size, our main room and the deck vantage point.

Again, let us be grateful for the team that have worked hard on this project for the last 10-12 years that we now get to enjoy.

Sponsor Highlight

It was great last week to officially welcome back Lindsay Waugh as a partner of the Sharks.  Lindsay has been an amazing support for many years now and we officially welcomed him back last week.

Waugh’s Industrial Supplies stock a huge range of quality industrial tools and supplies and serving the community since 1976 – an amazing business.  Please check out their website and look at the many services and tools they supply and see if you can’t support his business.