Life Membership

Life Membership

Park Orchards Football & Netball Club


Every person to be considered for life membership per the below criterion needs to have had, and continue to uphold our “Sharks values”.


Footballers, Men
200 club games (Res & Snrs; not U19 or veteran games) + 5 years significant service (pre/during/post playing days)
300 club games

Footballers, Women
175 senior open age games (not under age or veteran games) + 5 years significant service (pre/during/post playing days).
250 senior open age games

(games cannot be added to football)
150 netball weeks (ie if play multiple games on a weekend, player gets credited with just one game) + 5 years significant service (pre/during/post playing days)
225 netball weeks

AFL/AFLW players: If a player originally played U19, men’s club games, women’s football for POFNC and then goes on to play at the highest level i.e. AFL/AFLW for at least 20 games plus significant service (not necessarily 5 years), they may be nominated for life membership.


(main coaches, not assistants), football (not netball coaches) i.e. U19, Reserves, Snrs, Women’s: 8 full seasons (can be mixed/matched between sides and the 8 years doesn’t have to be continuous). Regardless of coaching success.


10 years of voluntary significant service. Can include on/off committee service; the service is to be clearly of a sacrificial nature (not to be for personal status/figurehead positions).

Other Service of a significant/valuable nature:

Where a person is considered to have provided extraordinary other service of a significant/valuable nature, but not necessarily fitting into any of the above categories, they may be considered for life membership.


If a person provided a once-off donation of at least $50,000 to the club, they may be considered for financial life membership (noting this is not the same as the above honorary life memberships). Such financial life members would not be listed on the honorary life members board, but would receive full financial and voting membership for life.

Other matters:

Life members are only to be inducted as individuals i.e. no couples or family life memberships

Process of induction:

  • A nomination must be received from a current voting member with their reasons as to why the nominated person should be considered/what they’ve done etc.
  • That nomination to be seconded by an unrelated person who is also a current voting member
  • The general committee, upon receiving a nomination, will form a sub committee (of at least two) who will fully consider the nomination and report back to the full committee with a recommendation
  • The full committee will then vote (all committee members must vote ie by proxy if absent from the relevant meeting). At least a 75% majority of members of the full committee is required to approve and bestow a life membership.
  • No correspondence will be entered into/reasons given to the nominator/seconder if a nomination ‘doesn’t get up’.
  • It is not an annual requirement that someone be bestowed with life membership.
    Life memberships to be limited to a maximum of two per annum. This may be varied in years where players qualify for the “automatic” criterion above (ie 300, 250, 225 games for male footballers, female footballers and netballers respectively).

Revocation of a life membership:

  • Life membership may be revoked for acts (within or outside the club) that are detrimental to the reputation and/or running of the club, or for acts that significantly contradict “Sharks Values”.
  • Revocation, similar to bestowing, would require a minimum 75% majority of full committee members to vote on a revocation (nominators/seconders not applicable).


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