Discipline Policy


Park Orchards Football Club aims to operate with the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Policies and procedures are designed to set the framework for expected behaviours and outcomes; failure to adhere to these requirements will necessarily result in the Club taking action to protect the interests of the Club as a whole. This will always be done with regard to the rights of the individual(s) concerned.
All breaches will be referred to the Incident Review Panel, which will comprise at least 2 members of the Club Committee.


1. Players who are requested to appear before the Incident Review Panel will be given a minimum of 24 hours notice of required attendance.
2. Players who have been reported/charged with an offence will automatically be required to appear before the Panel.
3. The Panel will typically meet on a Monday evening when required but may be rescheduled depending on availability of all parties and/or urgency/severity of the matter under consideration.
4. Parents, Coaches, Team Managers or other players cannot be present during a Panel meeting; although a player, at the time of the incident, who is Under 18, may have a parent present also.
5. If following a full consideration of the circumstances and relevant facts, the Panel determines that a sanction is warranted, the outcome will be determined as follows:


1st time A warning will be given
2nd time Possible suspension from playing or suspended sentence
3rd time (or worse) Suspended from playing from 1 game to indefinite
Minor offences include (but are not limited to): actions likely to cause the player to be reported under EFL rules, umpire abuse, team mate abuse, interaction with opposing supporters, disobeying coaching instructions, deliberately causing disharmony among the playing group, arguing with team mates, coaching or support staff, vilifying, in any manner, team mates, coaching, support staff or administrators, endangering the health of team mates or self, failing to alert coaching, staff of unavailability to play or train or any action that may be construed as causing harm to the Club.


1st time Suspended sentence or suspended for 1 to 4 games
Repeat Suspended indefinitely or registration cancelled
Serious offences include (but are not limited to): physically dangerous actions towards team mates, opposition or others, playing or training under the influence of illegal drugs, playing or
POFC Policies and Procedures 2013 Page 7
Park Orchards Football Club Inc.
training while intoxicated with alcohol, receiving a 2nd yellow card in one season for abuse or placing the Club in a position where a sanction may be potentially placed on the Club as a whole.


1st time Suspended indefinitely or registration cancelled.
Repeat Registration cancelled
Grave offences include (but are not limited to): physical attacks on team mates, coaching or support staff, physical attacks on any non playing personnel from another Club or competition official, disclosing confidential information to opposing teams, racial vilification of opponents, team mates or any person at the ground or placing the Club in a position where a sanction may be potentially placed on the Club as a whole.