Become a Player Sponsor 2024


Player Sponsorship Package

Thank you for considering sponsoring a player at Park Orchards Football Netball Club (POFNC). Your support contributes greatly to the success of our club and the development of our players.

One Level of Player Sponsorship: $330

Benefits for the Sponsor:

  • Recognition in the clubrooms with the sponsor's name displayed under the photo of their sponsored player (included in rolling TV image).
  • Certificate of Appreciation from the sponsored player.
  • Free entry to all home games
  • 1 free burger & 1 free drink at 5 home games

Benefits for the Sponsored Player:

  • Upon payment of the sponsorship fee, the sponsored player will receive a $150 rebate.

Terms and Conditions:

Sponsorship Fee: The sponsorship fee is $330 per player. Payment must be made in full before benefits are activated.

Player Rebates: Sponsored players will receive a $150 rebate upon full payment of the sponsorship fee. Each player can claim up to two (2) $150 rebates.

Duration of Sponsorship: The sponsorship agreement is valid for one season.

Recognition: The sponsor's name will be prominently displayed under the sponsored player's photo in the clubrooms for the duration of the season.

Certificate of Appreciation: A certificate of appreciation will be provided to the sponsor from the sponsored player as a token of gratitude.

Renewal: Sponsors will have the option to renew their sponsorship agreement for subsequent seasons.

Terms Subject to Change: POFNC reserves the right to modify the terms and benefits of the sponsorship agreement with reasonable notice.

Contact Information:

For inquiries or to initiate a sponsorship, please contact 

Dave Waterman

Thank you for your support!

Go Sharks!!