Park Orchards Football Netball Club May Newsletter

Park Orchards Football Netball Club May Newsletter

Overall Club Performance Summary

As we move through to the halfway mark of the 2024 season, our club has demonstrated strong performance and remarkable teamwork across all divisions. Here’s a summary of our achievements so far:

  • Total Games Played: 58
  • Total Wins: 39
  • Total Losses: 17
  • Total Draws: 2
  • Overall Winning Percentage: 67.24%

Team-wise Breakdown:

  • Men’s Senior Football: 8 wins, 0 losses (Top of ladder)
  • Men’s Reserves Football: 5 wins, 3 losses (5th on ladder)
  • U19 Men’s Football: 6 wins, 2 losses (4th on ladder)
  • Women’s Senior Football: 4 wins, 2 losses (3rd on ladder)
  • Netball Div 1: 3 wins, 1 loss, 1 draw (5th on ladder)
  • Netball Div 4: 3 wins, 3 losses (4th on ladder)
  • Netball Div 5: 4 wins, 0 losses, 1 draw (Top of ladder)
  • Netball Div 6: 5 wins, 1 loss (2nd on ladder)
  • Netball Div 8: 1 win, 5 losses (6th on ladder)

Let’s strive to push our clubs winning percentage up to 75%!

Recent Events:

In the past month, we’ve hosted several successful club functions, including a comedy night, a player function, and the president’s lunch. Local MP Nicole Werner and Steve Layt were the keynote speakers at the President’s lunch. Nicole spoke as passionately as ever and Steve Layt from the Patrick Cronin Foundation delivered a particularly poignant and sobering reminder of the impact of that tragic night. All these events have been very positive and have strengthened our community spirit.


Upcoming Games and Support:

This week’s senior men’s game is the match of the round against Mitcham at Mitcham. Our development team and under 19’s are also ready for a great challenge. Our women’s team will be playing at home at Domeney at 10:40 AM. We encourage everyone to come out and support them before heading to Mitcham for the senior men’s game. The following week is King’s Birthday weekend, where there are no football games being played.

Our netball teams are showing tremendous effort and resolve with some great wins on the board. Please check the club’s website for netball game times and support our netballers on Friday nights.


We are in need of more volunteers for game day rosters, bar, canteen, or BBQ duties. It would be much appreciated if more locals and parents could volunteer and show the Park Orchards community spirit. Your support is crucial and gratefully appreciated.

Fundraising and Events:

  • Reverse Raffle: Tickets for our reverse raffle on the 3rd of August are now available for $60, with a first prize of $3500. Details are available on the events tab of the club website.
  • Fight MND Round: We are holding a Fight MND round against North Ringwood on June 29th at home. Keep an eye on our social media channels for more details about the great initiatives planned for this event. MND beanies and socks are available for purchase at the bar or on Thursday nights, with all proceeds going to the Fight MND cause.

Auskick and Pathways Program:

A great day was had by all the Auskick parents on the club deck at last Saturday’s game against Doncaster. It was wonderful to see the future of the club getting involved, supporting and having fun.

Our pathways program is currently underway, with senior men’s and women’s players participating in junior club training activities. This is a fantastic initiative to build strong connections between our senior and junior clubs as well as encouraging, supporting and encouraging inclusiveness for all junior sports. We had some very excited junior club boys and girls run out with the senior teams and participated in a grid game and pre game chat before one of our recent home games.

A shout-out to President Travis Rankin and the committee from the junior club for the outstanding job they are doing. The junior club is the future of our players and leaders, and we appreciate all the hard work that goes into making both our clubs great.


Thank you to everyone for your continued support and dedication. Let’s keep pushing forward and making this season one to remember!

Go Sharks! 🦈